The Only PUSH UP MACHINE That Inclines To Patented 0%, 5% and 10% Technology.

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“This is the best Push Up Machine on the market! Hands down 2nd to none –
Simply because it’s the only machine that concentrates and isolates the chest.
You feel it working from the very first rep to the last rep and the results are
off the charts! I couldn’t ever imagine working out without the Push Up Machine
moving forward. This machine alone will redefine the correct way to do push ups
with safety first and results that leave you speechless.”
Rene Couto, Dad, Coach and Former Wide Receiver University of Louisville.
“On any given day I am performing surgery, taking the kids to practices or
helping with home work.  The Push Up Machine gives me results in a short
amount of time. I recommend to my patients who are trying to strengthen
core and upper body.”
Meredith Langhorst, MD, Mom, Physician, Cyclist, Triathlete

“As a former collegiate athlete, I wish I had the Push Up Machine to train with.
At age 56, I feel the fast twitch muscles firing and love the accountability of a
no-cheat push up.”

John Glass, Dad, Businessman and Former Division I Athlete
“Work hard, play hard….  Not enough hours in the day. The Push Up Machine
maximizes my workouts and produces the results I am looking for”.
John Perry, Dad, Financial Advisor and Ironman
“I am always looking for new ways to challenge my fitness levels.  Yoga, Barre
and strength training are my three workout routines.  I love how the Push Up Machine
produces long lean muscles without bulking up. The Push Up Machine is my go-to
exercise for shoulders and arms.”
Christy Hawkins, Mom and Fitness Enthusiast

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