The PUM Story

The original concept of the PUSH UP MACHINE was documented on video while on vacation. Inventor Matt Shade couldn’t sleep and went down to the resort workout room, took a pair of Perfect Pushups, moved two rowing machines together and placed the Perfect Pushup on each seat. Video footage reveals the first reps and vision of the PUSH UP MACHINE.

Matt Shade, a highly successful Indianapolis personal trainer and coach, spent most of his time working with high-level athletes and adults. One of his biggest frustrations was improper form of the push up. An exercise device that would not only teach perfect form, but also standardize the most popular exercise in the world was the vision. At this point Matt knew he was onto something. His biggest fear was creating a go-to-market strategy and then getting squashed by the giants of the fitness industry. He relied on a personal friend and mentor, John Thornburgh, for legal advice. John Thornburgh, managing partner at Ice Miller LLP in Indianapolis, IN, advised Matt on patent protection in the US and Europe. Matt, with the help of Ice Miller patent attorney and managing partner, Dustin Dubois, submitted a provisional patent.

Working in parallel with Ice Miller, Matt also established a partnership with an Indianapolis based product development company, Catalyst PDG. This is where version 1.0 proof of concept prototype was built and later followed up with version 2.0 Gravity Glide prototype.

In 2015, PUM LLC was created which is where all the prototypes and IP live. Matt also made the decision to change the name from the Gravity Glide to the PUSH UP MACHINE (PUM).  When everyone started asking, “Where is the PUSH UP MACHINE?” he knew it was time to change the name.

Fast forward to March of 2017, Matt received an email from Dustin Dubois, patent attorney, that PUM LLC received patent protection!  It was perfect timing!  The advancements in social media and crowd funding sources gave entrepreneurs a platform not available in previous years. The decision was made to test the waters and go to market!  

In April of 2018, PUM LLC qualified for an SBA Loan to produce 2000 units available in the fall of 2018!  The next phase for the PUSH UP MACHINE will include an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Launch followed by pre-sales before delivered to consumer.

The PUSH UP MACHINE journey is only made possible by loving and supporting friends and family. The evolution of the Push Up is here! PUM

Matt Shade
Matt ShadeInventor and CEO of PUM

The Push Up is the most popular exercise in the world. However, not many people perform the push up correctly. The Push Up Machine is built to put your body in the correct position with three critical touch points. The Central Base Pad is the target for correct depth and the Inner/Outer Stopper promotes a full range of motion. The PUM creates “credible” data for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to track their performance.

Constantly overloading muscles and joints with resistance training (weights) can have a negative short-term and long-term effect. The PUM is a safe exercise that combines body weight, movement and gravity to create a “New” Functional Strength. The angles of the incline create a “muscle confusion” never witnessed or felt before. After five sets on the PUM you will know exactly what I am talking about! This gives every athlete and fitness enthusiast a huge advantage on the competition.

The PUM is the perfect way to prevent and rehab injuries. Patented technology creates a new method of functional strength throughout the shoulder, chest and core areas. Not only should the PUM be in every gym and house hold, it should also be in every Physical Therapy setting as well.